Try an example (in a web brower)

Example of Input: (UTF8 txt format dictionary)

学=cn:学;tcn:學;py:xue2;fr:étudier.apprendre.science.-ologie.; en:learn.study.science.-ology.;
流体=cn:流体;tcn:流體;py:liu2 ti3 ;fr:fluide.;en:fluid.;
流体力学=cn:流体力学;tcn:流體力學;py:liu2 ti3 li4 xue2 ;fr:mécanique des fluides.;en:(n) fluidics.fluid mechanics.;
流体=cn:流体;tcn:流體;py:liu2 ti3 ;fr:fluide.;en:fluid.;
流行病学=cn:流行病学;tcn:流行病學;py:liu2 xing2 bing4 xue2 ;fr:épidémiologie.;en:epidemiology.;
流行病=cn:流行病;tcn:流行病;py:liu2 xing2 bing4 ;fr:épidémie.;en:epidemic disease.;
人口学=cn:人口学;tcn:人口學;py:ren2 kou3 xue2;fr:démographie.;en:demography.;
人口=cn:人口;tcn:人口;py:ren2 kou3;fr:population.population mondiale.;en:population.;
人类学=cn:人类学;tcn:人類學;py:ren2 lei4 xue2;fr:anthropologie.;en:(n) anthropology.;
人类=cn:人类;tcn:人類;py:ren2 lei4;fr:humanité.genre humain.;en:humanity.human race.mankind.;

File structure:

concept name = language1:terms ; language2:terms ; language3:terms ; language n: terms

The way of how the graph is built is based on the concept name. Here for our input we consider Chinese entries of the dictionary as concept name.
The concept name can written in any languages but have to follow a logic prefix=difference / suffix=parent concept.
      In English it could be:

Here, using Chinese entries as concept names permit to compute directly a graph with ontological relationships, without renaming the name of concept.
From concept names, we can extract a generic relationship and a "linked to" relationship.


After processing the input file, you can get a file that can be imported in CmapTools:


Or visualizing the graph in a web browser.


The example only use 272 entries of Chinese, about studies. Representing above 5000 entries will make the rendering slow.

Here a screenshot that represents around 12000 entries of a dictionary:


G2graph web viewer UI:

Try it (in a web brower)

At the top: Select a language, zoom
At the bottom, search a sequence of characters, displaying all entries that contain the characters (depending the language selected).
To display a definition, an entry in the list has to be selected.
Left part: select a node or move the view.

The nodes are linked by two different kind of links:
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